It’s been a ride

March 15th, 2013

Barbarians was one of the oldest Horde guilds on Kilrogg with a history of PvE progression stretching back over six years, and with many achievements to our name – for example opening the gates of Ahn’Qiraj and clearing Sunwell Plateau before the Great Nerf.

To name some more recent achievements:

Tier 11 129th in the World.
Tier 10 115th in the World.
Tier 9 210th in the World.
Tier 8 129th in the world.

The Guild sustained a reputation on Kilrogg as a competitive guild and held the rank of a Server First guild ever since our MC/BWL days until Tier 12, were competition grew on the server for a period of time.

Kilrogg has lost it’s spark!

The guild ceased raiding in January 2013.

Barbarians is now a social guild.

Best of luck in all of life’s tribulations to anyone who raided competitively with the guild at any time. It for sure has been a ride!

And some memories I found on my drive:

Our trip towards Naxxramas Realm First!

Our trip towards Naxxramas Realm First!



Vari and his Legendaries

Vari and his Legendaries

The first Amani War Bear on the realm. Gratz Zephyrous!

The first Amani War Bear on the realm. Gratz Zephyrous!



Eclipse charging to help poor poor Gamad in Black Temple RIP Eclipse :(

Eclipse charging to help poor poor Gamad in Black Temple
RIP Eclipse :(


We had our fair deal in Karazhan, too!

We had our fair deal in Karazhan, too!

Brutallus was indeed Brutal

Brutallus was indeed Brutal


Preparations for one our toughest fights ever. We counted few hundred wipes. At least we had fun

Preparations for one our toughest fights ever. We counted few hundred wipes. At least we had fun


and this was it

and this was it


Kilrogg's realm first Val'Anyr, gratz to Sharg

Kilrogg’s realm first Val’Anyr, gratz to Sharg


realm first Kil'jaeden

realm first Kil’jaeden


This is how the fight looked like

This is how the fight looked like


After the First kill, turn in of the item

After the First kill, turn in of the item


Realm first kill of Kel'thuzad. Yes, those were the days

Realm first kill of Kel’thuzad. Yes, those were the days


The last "official" boss of the Burning Crusade

The last “official” boss of the Burning Crusade

As said before, it has been quite a ride. Thanks to all the members and have fun IRL!



Heroic Madness

February 27th, 2012

So we finally downed heroic madness as server first (taking a fair bit longer than we probably should have) and progress is over for another expansion! While we farm Dragon Soul and wait for the land of the pandas to appear out of the mists we are eager to recruit new players to bolster our roster (please check our WoW Progress page for what we are looking for!)

Heroic Ragnaros

October 9th, 2011

Time for some news again. We have killed Heroic Ragnaros on 10man around last week, which was about time! So far this tier has not been very nice to us, especially when comparing our past. Swapping regularly between 10 and 25 raid size, and the general lack of quality recruiting was and is still a headache. However, if one thing we learned from our long experience, then that there cant be good times without bad ones!

Heroic Alysrazor and Staghelm 25

August 21st, 2011

I forgot to post about our past progress on the last two things, which were between us and last boss of this Tier! Both Alysrazor and Majordomo Staghelm died a while ago, and are at this time already on farm. Slowly, but steady we approach the last thing to kill on heroic, that being Mister Ragnaros, which will probably need a bit of work :)

As usual, i mention here as well, that we are still looking for some good applications to fill some spots, check our forums please!

Heroic Majordomo Staghelm


Heroic Alysrazor

Heroic Beth and Baleroc 25

August 8th, 2011

Slacking as usual with posting on the website. Slow, but steady, we are moving towards Ragnaros, and those two bosses were on our way. Beth died already some time ago, but i finally found the screenshot! And yesterday, we had a pretty angry  Baleroc falling over – going berserk did not save him anymore either.

On another note, we want shadowpriests and hunters… NOW!

Heroic Baleroc 25


Heroic Beth 25

10 man Adventures

July 24th, 2011

Summer is awesome…, just not for raiding! With quite a few people on holidays, and most important, lacking the required number of healers for some 25man encounters on heroic mode, we decided to venture for one reset into 10man mode. So far, so good!

Being able to gather 10 people for a balanced raid, even out of normal raid time, is an incredible convenience. Having some people in as offspec, and still killing something on heroic for the first time, is another one. What can i say, one could fall in love with 10man raiding, if it wouldn’t be for the atmosphere of our normal 25man Raids!

Anyway to make this short, we are at 6/7 heroic now in Firelands 10man, and we all look forward to go back to 25man coming reset, with hopefully noone else going on holidays anytime soon :)


July 14th, 2011

Long time no news, time to change that! Firelands being here, means we are done with slacking for some time, even though the timing is more than bad. Progression Raids and Summer do not like each other! Anyway, we have killed a few things here and there, so lets post some Screenshots!

First is Mister Shannox, who was so rude to despawn, before i could finish my awesome picture, still worth a post, just because of the balloons!

Second is Lord Rhyolith, who was so kind to remind us how it feels to run against a wall for some time, due to his mechanics.

All done!

May 5th, 2011

After a longer period of lazyness, we managed to get a proper setup to train Heroic Al’akir a few times on 25man and well, here he is! Despite some of our core team being already on holidays or slacking, we did succeed in our task. A job well done, especially when considering the amount of newish members we had in! In addition, a big thanks including one of my special cookies to Stabbie, who contributed more than she thinks to this kill.

Time to relax until Firelands, and to hopefully get a few more recruits as preparation for the new incoming content!

Realm First Sinestra

April 12th, 2011

We struggled long time with Sinestra, not only because of the mechanics or us being bad, but as well due to regular connection issues and lack of optimal raid setup. Nonetheless, she is finally down, leaving us with only Al’akir heroic 25 still left to kill.
Thanks to all the participants for their effort and attendance!

Now, if we only could get some quality applications…

Heroic Cho’gall

March 18th, 2011

Making it short this time: we have killed Heroic Cho’gall, leaving us now with only Sinestra left to kill, and well Al’akir Heroic on 25man! Then we are officially done with all heroic 25man content :)